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About Mullet Oil

The Mullet Difference

At Mullet Oil, we realize customers want value.  The truth is that almost all lubricant products are made of the same dinosaurs that walked the earth when Betty White first began her acting career.  Why pay for a major brand, when you can get a similarly performing product with a more fun brand?

 Besides, your favorite 80's rocker once sported a mullet haircut.  Those were good times.  Why not sport a brand that's budget friendly AND reminds you of Billy Ray Cyrus and Andre Agassi... maybe AC Slater for those born a little later.


Innovating for Savings

Ever watched a commercial where a major oil brand is touting it's investment in turning algae into energy, or something else dumb that'll never work?  While they're so busy flexing their ad budgets, Mullet Oil invested in innovation that matters today. Our unique logistical distribution channel eliminates waste and gives customers the access they want.  When the big boys figure out how to make your car run on algae, we'll get you that swamp cider more efficiently than them, too.

Your current oil brand doesn't love you like we do.  Get a no-fault divorce from them asap and we promise you'll be happier with the younger, hotter brand who thinks you have enough money and laughs at all your jokes.


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